Tuition Free Charter School ~ Grades Pre-K3 to 8th 

Bexar County Academy 

Charter School

Approved by the Texas State Board of Education

1485 Hillcrest Dr., San Antonio, TX 78228 | Fax: 210-432-8667

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Conceive                        Believe                      Achieve

Bexar County Academy Charter School:
Building Entrepreneurial
& Life Skills

Bexar County Academy is a TUITION FREE charter school, serving grades Pre-K3 to 8th

We hold ourselves accountable to every child’s learning experience so they feel empowered to conceive, believe, and achieve their dreams.

What Makes Us Different

  • Transforming Education

We transform the traditional way of educating our scholars with a leadership team that motivates them to complete tasks and inspire them through meaningful feedback for systemic change

  • College and Career Readiness

Our focus is to provide opportunities for our scholars to experience project-based learning through our blended learning model, student engagement through authentic learning experiences and to become innovative thinkers

  • Small Classrooms

With smaller classrooms, we are able to teach kids at their level of understanding first, thus helping them to reach their highest potential as they progress while following CDC social distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of our scholars.

  • Curriculum Focus

Our curriculum focuses on C.B.A. – Inspiring our scholars to Conceive, Believe, and Achieve. BCA provides our scholars the opportunity to build entrepreneurial and life skills that are not often offered in traditional public school districts

One School, One Sound

Serving our community for 20 years!

Bexar County Academy 

Charter School

1485 Hillcrest Dr.,

San Antonio, TX 78228

Grades Pre-K3 to 8th

Fax: 210-432-8667

Call Today: 210-432-8600

BCA is TUITION FREE Charter School - Grades Pre-K3 to 8th. Enroll Today!

Bexar County Academy Charter School is a TUITION FREE charter school, serving grades Pre-K3 to 8th!

When it comes to education, Bexar County Academy is the best choice for your child

Bexar County Academy Charter School is the right choice. Our faculty and staff care deeply about the quality education, success, and well-being of every single one of our scholars. The professional world is getting more and more competitive and oftentimes can be intimidating. Bexar County Academy Charter School faces these issues head-on at an early age, giving every scholar the life tools they need to succeed so that they will not only survive, but thrive.

Space is limited so make sure to apply today!

Clubs and Programs

Girls Basketball

Boys Basketball

Pee Wee Soccer



  • Project-Based Curriculum through a blended learning model
  • Entrepreneurship & Start-Up Tech Curriculum (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship - NFTE Program)
  • Free Academic Tutorials including healthy snacks
  • Free Breakfast & Lunch Programs
  • Engaging Monthly PTO Meetings
  • Quality After-School Care
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Drama Club
  • Reading Club

A message from our Superintendent

Bexar County Academy Charter School is a melting pot of Scholars and Leaders with diverse backgrounds. We at BCA celebrate diversity! Along with a strong academic program, there are other opportunities for our scholars to learn about entrepreneurship with our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship program including Start-Up Tech and Entrepreneurship curriculum, experiencing real-life "Shark Tank", as well as our project-based curriculum through our blended learning model "Developing Tomorrow's Business Owners and Future Leaders".

My belief is that every child can learn and achieve at high levels regardless of socioeconomic circumstances. All parents have the right to choose the best academic environment to ensure their child’s success. With motivation, inspiration, and the teaching of entrepreneurial and life skills, we transform scholars to achieve their fullest potential in life. Delivering high-quality public education is imperative to the success of the global world in which we live. 

I am committed to providing high-quality education to all. 

- Dr. Ross F. Williams, Jr.

Mission Statement:

Bexar County Academy Charter School's mission is to provide an Academia Environment that prepares students to function as Entrepreneurs, Workers, and Citizens in a Globalized World.


Approved by the

Texas State Board of Education

Serving our community for 20 years!

Call Today: 210-432-8600

At BCA Charter School, we are committed to the success of your child

At Bexar County Academy Charter School, we transform education and enrich the lives of our scholars.


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